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Monday, January 18, 2016

Polaroid Photo-Tip #5: How to Not Blur Your Pictures

Polaroid Photo-Tip #5: How to not blur your pictures

by Thomas Preyer (last updated: Dec. 22, 2016)

Today's tip is about how to avoid blurry Polaroids:

Hold the camera steady until the picture leaves through the exit slot. This is especially important when there isn’t much light available. In dim light the camera shutter stays open longer than in bright light. Any movement (of the camera) while the shutter is open will result in a blurred picture. 

We therefore recommend holding the camera in your left hand, your palm on the bottom of the camera. This will simulate a tri-pod and give your camera extra stability. Be careful to not block the film exit slot at the front of the camera! 

Press the “flash override shutter button” from the bottom. There’s the most space for your finger!

This is how you should hold a Polaroid 600-type camera

Press the shutter button the way it is depicted 

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