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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lomo'Instant Wide - First Impressions

Lomo'Instant Wide - A Short Review

by Thomas Preyer

A few days ago we received our order of the Lomo'Instant Wide cameras by Lomography. For quite some time now a lot of people were waiting for a better instant camera that takes the Fuji Instax Wide format film. There is already a variety of different cameras for their Instax Mini film, but the Wide film cameras never got the love it should have gotten. Fuji has the model 210 and the just slightly updated 300 (which is functionally not significantly different to the 210). This model is great for taking pictures at parties and we use it mostly for events. It creates a reliable result and that's what you want at an event. But it's not a camera for the more serious instant-photographer.

When it was announced by Fuji the model 300 was quite a disappointment for those who waited for a "real" instant camera by Fuji and by "real" they mean at least some control over the camera. For example the 210 does not allow you to turn off the flash.

And that's where Lomographic society comes into play. After their Lomo'Instant which takes Mini film (which is the size of a business card), they finally released their instant camera for Wide film, the Lomo'Instant Wide.

This is by no means a full review, it's more a few thoughts and a first test and it might help you deciding which instant-camera is best for you. Fuji or Polaroid, Mini or Wide. If you have further questions, please leave a comment and I am happy to answer them.

The camera is actually pretty simple to use and I like the controls a lot more than on their Mini camera. We got the Central Park which is a little more expensive than the White or Black version. The only difference is the color. We also got the lenses which I haven't used yet. I only used the built in 35mm equivalent lens and just tried some shots with and without flash. Because figuring out what works better with the Lomo'Instant for Mini film was kinda hard for me.

I took the camera and went to the Prater area. I just love the diversity of possible pictures and all the colors there. That's why we dedicated a whole tour to the area of Prater and the close by Vienna University of Business and Economic. By the way, this old amusement park has it's 250 year anniversary in 2016. Just another reason for visiting this awesome place.

It was a nice, sunny December winter day. And here are some sample shots:

Prater - Boomerang (No Flash)
Cars (No Flash)
Prater (No Flash)

Scary Ride (with Flash)
Prater (with Flash)
WU (No Flash)
I really like the warm tones that this camera is able to produce. It's a lot warmer than what you get from Fuji's camera. It also produced quite good exposed pictures, despite the ones of buildings where the camera obviously exposed for the sky. I am not the biggest fan of Fuji's instant film, but I really think the camera has potential and I can see myself using it more. I'll post an update once I've used it with the other lenses and other functions like double exposures and flash color gels.

What do you think? Yay or nay?

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