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Friday, October 9, 2015

Tip #2 - What to do on a rainy day in Vienna

Rainy Days in Vienna - The Butterfly House

by Thomas Preyer

Sadly not all days on a trip are blessed by blue skies and sunshine. The very best conditions for an Instant Tour around town. But sometimes we are out of luck and it rains. A lot. What to do? You are on a trip, in wonderful Vienna. Therefore sitting in a your hotel room isn't really an option.

That's what this series of tips is all about.

Our other tips:

#1 The National Library

What are some good things to do in Vienna on a rainy day? 

Good question. This is our second tip.

Butterfly House in the Vienna Burggarten

Visit the imperial Butterfly House in the Hofburg's Burggarten, very close to the State Opera House.

Inside the Butterfly House in Vienna's Imperial Palace (Hofburg)