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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Viennese Cuisine - Eat, Drink, Repeat - Part 4

Viennese Cuisine - Beverages (non-alcoholic)

by Thomas Preyer

This is the fourth part of our series on Viennese cuisine.

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Today we cover non-alcoholic beverages. My research on the topic revealed, that a lot of my childhood favorites aren't actually of Austrian origin, but of German. I was shocked to find out that stuff like Afri-Cola or Frucade aren't made by my fellow county men and women. Frucade for example got famous when Austrian entertainer Hermes Phettberg offered it to his guests at his late night show Nette Leit Show. The other drink he offered was Eierlikör (eggnog).

Anyway, I was able to locate those authentic Austrian beverages. Let's find out more:


Radlberger Ananas (pineapple) ©Radlberger

The company that produces this sweet lemonade is located in St. Pölten, the captital of Lower Austria. Their slogan is: "Radlberger, ein Sommer wie damals.", which translates to "Radlberger, a summer like back in the days.". Usually this is not available at restaurants. You can buy it at the supermarket tough.

Obi & Obi g'spritzt

Obi apple juice ©Eckes-Granini

Obi is an apple juice brand. It's that famous in Austria that it i/was used as a generic name for apple juice. So ordering half a liter off Obi g'spritzt will get you apple juice with soda. A very good idea for quenching your thirst. Available at the supermarket. When ordered in a restaurant you'll get whatever apple juice they have. Did I mention that Austrians love apple juice? They do!


The classic bottle ©Almdudler

This beloved herb lemonade can be compared to ginger ale, less the ginger. It's one of the best known beverages from Austria. You can order it at almost every restaurant. Also popular: Mixing it with beer for a refreshing Radler


Latella Maracuja ©Latella

A sweet drink made from whey, Mango being my favorite flavor. Or an ugly cheese drink, as my Canadian friend Emilie called it :D

Our tip: Try it! Even if you don't like it, you have a story to tell.

Available in the dairy section of every supermarket.

Red Bull

Red Bull cans ©Red Bull

Well, what can we say about the energy drink from Salzburg? It started as a drink and now is a worldwide movement, publish house, sports sponsor and much more. You either love or hate Red Bull. But no need to try it in Austria, because you'd probably had one somewhere around the world before.

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