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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Jury is out! What other's say...

Bloggers on PolaWalk

by Thomas Preyer

A PolaWalk is an unique event and therefore an individual experience. No tour is like the other. Today we present you a number of bloggers that joined one of our tours. Just click their highlighted names and read what they have to say about their tour (some of them are in German).

Weibi brought here dog Puppi on the walk last year. That dog even has it's own Facebook page! Fr√§ulein Catherine was on the same tour. They all pulled of a magnificent jump Polaroid. Catherine liked us so much she even mentioned us in here hotspots Top 10 for Vienna! That was even before we launched our shop. We got way more awesome since ;-)


Helmut did not join the tour but found us on the internet and wrote about the idea itself.

Kathi from Travelettes took a tour with her friend Kathi before she took off to study in Glasgow. She called it back-to-the roots-photography.

The Kathi's and Alex "posing"

Doris a.k.a littlemissitchyfeet had a rough start in the sightseeing experience but got the hang of it quickly. She was joined on here tour by Caro who writes a blog for the Austrian newspaper Kurier. Also read her personal piece on how does it feel to be a tourist in Vienna.

English blogger Solange Berchemin visited Vienna. Guess what she liked best?

Peter from Germany even brought his own camera to the tour. Check out his pictures!

This one is from the blog of the hotel Zipser.

Viktoria is an expat in Vienna. Her topics are Polaroids and Schnitzel!

This one is in Chinese. We hope it's good, but we have no clue!

PolaWalk made it to China!

And another one from the other end of the world. Australia!

Brand new - Philipp's Blog is all about photography and adventure.

Do you have a blog and want to write about us? Drop us a message! office@polawalk.com

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