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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Top 5 places to eat...

...around the Vienna office

by Thomas Preyer

When you "survive" one of our tours, you will most likely be craving something tasty to eat. Therefore we gathered our favorite places to eat, close to the ending point of our tours, our office. Treat yourself after a long morning of sightseeing with something delicious to bite.

The PolaWalk office is located in Vienna's 9th district, Alsergrund. It is close to the metro stations Schottentor and Schottenring and right next to the tram station Schlickgasse.

Let's find out what the top 5 are!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Jury is out! What other's say...

Bloggers on PolaWalk

by Thomas Preyer

A PolaWalk is an unique event and therefore an individual experience. No tour is like the other. Today we present you a number of bloggers that joined one of our tours. Just click their highlighted names and read what they have to say about their tour (some of them are in German).

Weibi brought here dog Puppi on the walk last year. That dog even has it's own Facebook page! Fr√§ulein Catherine was on the same tour. They all pulled of a magnificent jump Polaroid. Catherine liked us so much she even mentioned us in here hotspots Top 10 for Vienna! That was even before we launched our shop. We got way more awesome since ;-)