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Friday, April 4, 2014

Test Lab - New Impossible Generation 2.0 Color Film

Welcome to the Test Lab - Today: Testing new instant film

by Thomas Preyer

Hey everyone,

today we are testing the new version of "The Impossible Project" Color 600 film. It is, at the moment, only available to Impossible Pioneers and will be released to the public later in 2014.

New opacification layer

Among the most distinctive changes is the new opacification layer. That layer is made to protect your image from light, as there is, within all film, a negative layer in an instant picture. This dark blue, chemical layer currently needs about 30 minutes to fully disappear.

The new layer will start to disappear a lot faster, as you will see, after about 2 minutes. The picture will still need about 30 minutes to fully develop, but you will see a lot sooner if you have shot or not. This is, in my opinion, a huge step forward.

What else changed? Well, read on and watch the video for more information.