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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Peel-Apart Polaroid Film - A brief introduction

Peel-Apart Polaroid Film - A brief introduction to the "other" instant film

by Thomas Preyer

Most of you probably know the iconic, classic, white Polaroid frame. Yes, this one:

Classic frame - The Impossible Project PX 680 Color Protection film

But, as you may not be aware off, there was a generation of film before this so called integral film. Let's find out more about this...

What is Peel-Apart Film?

This film is called peel-apart film or packfilm – as you might have guessed it's called like that because you have to peel the picture apart after it's fully developed.

Peeling Fuji FP-100C Silk packfilm

What is really interesting is that Fuji is still producing this particular film! It is available as color film and black and white film was produced until recently as well.

As mentioned before, Fuji stopped producing the black and white film not long ago, so try to get your hands on the film as long as it is still available. It is really lovely material, rich of contrast and crisp.

Land 100 Automatic | Fuji FP-3000B black and white film - Attersee ferry

What does a packfilm Polaroid camera look like?

There are a variety of cameras that can take peel-apart film. My personal camera is a Polaroid Land Automatic 100, which was produced at the beginning of the 1960s. And it still works like a charm!

Polaroid Land Automatic 100 packfilm camera

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