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Saturday, August 24, 2013

What's New At PolaWalk

What's New At PolaWalk?

by Thomas Preyer

Tomorrow, 25th of August 2013, we have a Polaroid Beginners Workshop at our new office in Vienna's 9th district. Snacks, coffee and air-condition are included. Right now there are still three spots available, so book your ticket here if you want to dive into the world of instant photography. The workshop is held in German.

If you read this before the 26th of August 2013, 10 a.m. then you can still join the competition on wien.info's Facebook page. You can win 2x2 tickets for our Polaroid Photo Tour Vienna. Good luck!

Also, we have launched our Madame Tussauds Tour. A fun experience, and not just for when it's raining buckets. Take a Polaroid with you and your favorite star. Tours are held four times a week, at 59 EUR per Person. The entry fee for Madame Tussauds, a rental Polaroid camera and a pack of Impossible instant film are already included in the tour price. The tour is held in English, but if all attendees speak German we'll do it in German.

Breakfast at Tiffany's - Madame Tussauds Wien

Next Wednesday, 28th of August 2013, we have a booth at the Hafenbazar at the Badeschiff Wien. There, we are going to sell carefully selected camera packages, including a pack of film and a manual. All of it comes in a fashionable package, which we will present at the beginning of next week. Check the Facebook event page for details and stop by for a chat.

Last but not least: Our official PolaWalk guide polo shirts have arrived!

The brand-new PolaWalk polo shirt

For launching the tour we've teamed up with our friends from the Impossible Shop Vienna. We will have a special PolaWalk Madame Tussauds tour at a reduced price 35 EUR on the 31st of August. Please check the Facebook event page for details and booking.

We would be happy to welcome you at one of our events mentioned above or at a tour. 

Next week you can read about Thomas's vacation in the Salzkammergut region and the lovely Polaroids he took there. 

Your PolaWalk Team 

Thomas & Gilbert

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Polaroid - To Shake Or Not To Shake?

Is it a good thing to shake your Polaroid picture?

by Thomas Preyer

Today we are tackling an urban legend that originated in the popular OutKast video "Hey Ya!".
Big Boi and André 3000 are singing: "Shake it like a Polaroid picture...".

But, does that actually make sense? Or does it affect the developing process and even destroy your precious picture?

We did some research and now we are able to present you the cold hard truth.

But first, we have to admit, that shaking Polaroid pictures seems natural and is a fun thing to do. And actually, it made sense in the early days of Polaroid where there was the so called peel-apart film.

Peel-apart Polaroid film, shot by Thomas
Nowadays we us integral film. This is the kind of film we are using and you are probably familiar with. Mainly because the pictures have the iconic white Polaroid frame.

Integral film, shot by Gilbert
Peel-apart film left the camera wet from the chemicals and had to air-dry - so shaking actually fastened the drying process. Which was a good thing. 

Integral film on the other hand isn't exposed to air at all. Your image is developing behind a clear plastic window. Therefore shaking doesn't help speeding up the development process. It actually - if done in an excessive way - might ruin your beautiful shot!

Polaroid even had to write a statement when OutKast was leading the charts in 2004. You can read it here.

Conclusion: We are using "The Impossible Project" color protection instant film. For this kind of film we recommend the following:

  1. Take the shot. Your Polaroid picture is leaving the camera.
  2. Without the need of haste put the picture in your bag or in a box or something like that. Try to avoid bending the picture.
  3. Please also try to limit the pictures exposure to direct sunlight, as that might affect the outcome of your picture.
  4. Your picture will be fully developed after about 20-40 minutes. Development time is affected by temperature and will be shorter if temperatures are high.
Now you can tell everyone: No Polaroid picture shaking please. But if you cannot resist - please shake it with care! ;-)

Your PolaWalk Team

Friday, August 2, 2013

Recipe: Instant Apricot Punch for Instant-Photographers

Recipe: Instant Apricot Punch (Marillen Bowle) for Instant-Photographers

by Gilbert Lechner

For our launch-picnic we prepared this fizzy drink with a twist. The twist is all about refreshing yourself and keeping cool - something we can recommend at these temperatures.

Based on the popular (at least in Austria) summer drink "Bowle", we created this instant summer feeling recipe - an instant relieve when it's hot!

The fruits should neither be too soft, nor to hard. Cut them in small pieces.

Prepare as much as your freezer can handle. As mentioned above - the most important thing is to let the sparkling wine soak into the fruits. Just put the containers in the freezer and keep them there until the next day.

One big advantage of this recipe is, that you already did all the preparation. Therefore you can get the party started, whenever you want. Always fresh.

Well, let's get to the twist now: The uncooled drinks (the sparkling wine and the juice), will make the block of frozen fruit melt quickly and you will have a nice, cool drink - instantly.

I like adding juice because it adds natural flavor and you don't need to add other sweeteners.

If the punch is too sweet or alcoholic for your taste you can add a bit of sparkling water.
One pack of juice, one bottle of sparkling wine and one container of fruits will serve 5-6 people. Just make sure you are in good company.

Thats it! It's nearly as easy as taking instant photos.

By the way, the apricots in this Polaroid are the very same as the ones in the pictures above and the ones we had in our punch at our launch-picnic.

Try it, enjoy it, spread it! 

We would love to see you preparing and drinking this delicious refreshment. 
Please share your photos with us on Facebook, or use the hashtag #polawalk for Twitter and Instagram!