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Monday, July 29, 2013

Impressions - PolaWalk Launch Event

Impressions - PolaWalk Launch Event

by Thomas Preyer

We had our launch event for PolaWalk on the 27th of July. The event kicked off with a special version of our PolaWalk tour for invited guests across Vienna's first district and ended with a picnic for friends and family in the Prater.

Despite the extreme heat and the blistering sun, eight bold "PolaWalkers" met in front of Karlskirche. Their goal was to explore the inner city by using our original Polaroid cameras and creating eight unique pictures while doing that -tangible and one of a kind.

PolaWalk Launch - The Group
There was a short introduction about the cameras and the films the group was going to use.

Gilbert explaining the idea of PolaWalk
Followed by a few words about the history of Polaroid and the re-invention of instant film by the Austrian company "The Impossible Project".

Thomas, Gilbert and the group - Explanations
Now, the group was ready to use their vintage cameras.

Happy polawalking!
There were action filled shots,...

"Rock 'n Roll" by Stine from Denmark
...but also some typical Vienna clichés like this shot of a Sachertorte.

"A piece of Sachertorte" - shot by Christine from Austria
Gilbert, our co-founder and Anja - showing dedication to the perfect shot.

Gilbert and Anja at the Imperial Palace (Hofburg)
Barbara from Vienna Unwrapped brought her daughter to the PolaWalk. She was shooting for her school project. Team PolaWalk is positive - this will be graded with an A!

PolaWalk is for everyone
Our picnic/party took place at the Jesuitenwiese. Time to reinforce our energy with a variety of home-made snacks and cold drinks. The highlight: Instant apricot punch for instant photographers. A fruity delight!

PolaWalk - Launch picnic at Jesuitenwiese
Reading, relaxing and more fun with instant photos.

Margarita is studying the PolaWalk quick guide
The relaxing part of the day 
More instant photo fun
We had an amazing day at our launch day and a lot of fun. A big thank you to all helpers, friends, family and participants.

Here are a few more Polaroids that were taken by our guests at the picnic:

Is that expression curiosity?

Lucky guy! :)

Jakob, Natalie and Anja are rocking the picnic

Check out Barbaras website Vienna Unwrapped, a comprehensive resource on what to do in Vienna.

You can find more pictures from the event on our Flickr page.

If you are interested in taking a tour with us, please check www.polawalk.com for dates and booking information.

We also offer a beginners workshop about instant photography in German.


  1. Thanks to Thomas and Gilbert for the awesome experience I had with the PolaWalk tour I did during my stay in Vienna. It was a really nice and different way to see the city and discover the small and special things and capture them in cool vintage shots, just to take home and put right on the wall as a memory. I love the polaroid pictures that I brought back home and they could not have been replaced by digital pictures - Stine from Denmark

  2. Thank you Stine, we are glad you've enjoyed it!